#WellnessWednesday: MCT Oil and Why it could turn you into a High Energy, Fat Burning Machine

MCT’s (AKA medium-chain triglycerides) are a form of fatty-acid chains that have recently gained popularity in the health & wellness community for the numerous health benefits that are observed upon their consumption. Found in Coconut oil and other oils, these fatty acid chains function uniquely in the body: Unlike longer & shorter fatty acids, MCT’s are easily absorbed and broken down by the liver, and because they are able to pass through the cell membrane, are essentially ‘cell fuel’ that do not require the energy-demanding enzymatic processing. Imagine if the oil we pumped out of the ground was able to directly fuel our cars without having to go through distillation & refining process to turn it into gasoline? This is exactly how the body treats MCT’s – no processing, no refining. MCT’s can be directly & easily converted into energy for the body to use.

Because the typical western diet often lacks the healthy fats (MCT’s) and instead offers energy in the form of Carbohydrates, the body becomes trained use carbs for energy, which requires more energy and processing. When the body cannot easily process carbohydrate fuel, it stores unprocessed fuel in the form of fat (love handles, stomach, under-arms – oh yeah, that’s where its going). MCT’s on the other hand are easy to process, and can transform the body from using carbs as fuel to using fat as fuel (called Ketosis). mct-oil-ohio-cryo

Okay, so MCT’s are great in all, but where can I find them? Coconut oil does contain MCT’s, but in relatively small percentages as they are accompanied by other, less beneficial saturated fats. The best source of MCT’s are in purified MCT oil, which go through a specific purifying process to separate the most beneficial forms of fat. Amazon offers a 32oz. MCT oil supplement for $21.97. The recommended dose of MCT oil is 1-3 tablespoons per day, but it is advised to start with a teaspoon per day to acclimate the digestive system and avoid sour stomach.

Several scientific studies exist that show the benefits of MCT oil for weight management, increasing metabolism, increasing energy and improved cognitive function. A more ketogenic, fat-burning diet can certainly add a pep in your step and with an active lifestyle can certainly help get rid of those love handles. MCT oil may be the perfect supplement to a healthier, fat metabolizing body.

Pastor Turned MMA Fighter Wins in #FightForGunnar

On Saturday, April 2nd 2016 Dave Bever, pastor at Crosslink Community church arrived at Ohio Cryo to get his final Whole Body Cryotherapy session. ‘Pastor Dave’ was no stranger to the #BlackOctagon; the two had met 11 times previous in the past 3 weeks. And although Dave was quite familiar with the cryotherapy process at this point, the energy that filled Loft #21 at Ohio Cryo that Saturday afternoon was different. It was electric.

About 4 weeks previous, Pastor Dave had embarked on a mission titled the ‘Fight For Gunnar’. Armed with loads of determination, faith and perseverance, Dave began an intense physical and mental training regimen to prepare himself for an MMA fight that was to be held on Saturday, April 2nd that raised money to support one of Dave’s dearest friends Gunnar who at 9 years of age was battling Cancer.



Training 6 or 7 days a week, Pastor Dave would come in with bruises, aches, soreness and the like, using cryotherapy to help him recover along his journey. Dave knew at the time that although he was banged up from an intense training regimen, the pain and soreness that he was experiencing from training was incomparable to what Gunnar had been going through during his battle.

With his friend in mind, Dave trained and trained and trained. And when fight-day Saturday rolled around, Dave understood what the fight meant to him, to Gunnar, to his faith and to his community. Dave knew that by telling Gunnar’s story, by helping to raise awareness for such an amazing cause, by giving all his faith to god and by gathering the community of supporters around himself & Gunnar that he had already won the Fight For Gunnar, no matter what the outcome of the fight would be later that evening.

The first time I spoke to Dave in person I was immediately captivated by his determination, his faith and how genuine of a guy Dave was; I also knew that Dave was an immediate reflection of Gunnar, representing Gunnar’s strength and will power to the best of his abilities.

Dave ended up winning his MMA fight that Saturday night, which was merely a dance that represented an entirely larger theme. A theme of helping others win in life’s battles using love, faith and community.

To Dave and Gunnar: Thank you for allowing your Ohio Cryo family to support you in your journey & fight. We will Never Stop Fighting along your sides.

#NeverQuitFighting #FightForGunnar #TeamGunnar

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Do the Columbus Futsal Freeze!

If someone would have come up to me last week and asked me what Futsal was, I would have guessed that it was an anti-fungal foot cream and would have been terribly wrong. Yesterday after meeting members of the Columbus Futsal team, I can say without a doubt that Futsal may be one of the most awesome sports that exist in the modern day sporting arena.

Futsal in Columbus, Ohio

I say this because the group of guys that came in to get Whole Body Cryotherapy in preparation for their US National tournament this upcoming weekend we’re the most genuine, fun, outgoing group of teammates that I’ve come across.

As Columbus’s Official Street Soccer & Futsal family, Columbus Futsal is dedicated to player and team development — and what better team building activity to take part in than to watch each player withstand sub freezing temperatures in the #BlackOctagon! Although they seemed cold at some moments, the camaraderie and sense of community existing in the Columbus Futsal team could not be dampened, not even by -310 degrees of Nitrogen gas.

Columbus Futsal at Ohio Cryo

Ohio Cryo would like to wish Columbus Futsal the best of luck at US Nationals!

For more information on Columbus Futsal: http://ColumbusFutsal.com

Columbus Futsal US Nationals Cryotherapy for the Columbus Futsal Team Columbus Futsal Ohio Cryo Cryotherapy Columbus Ohi Futsal

Lisa Vanderpump & Yolanda Foster Try Cryotherapy

Yolanda Foster is quite the expert when it comes to cryotherapy. As well she should be… The Bravo TV actress featured in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been seen in the past few months using cryotherapy to help treat her debilitating Lymes Disease. On last night’s episode of #RHOBH, Yolanda takes her fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump to visit CryoHealthCare in Beverly Hills, CA to demonstrate to her friend just how beneficial (and cold) cryotherapy can be. Check out their reactions below!

Source: [BravoTV]

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Kicking Arthritis to the Curb with Cryotherapy

If you suffer from arthritis, you are definitely aware of the chronic joint pain and limited mobility that can accompany the debilitating condition. Between taking anti-inflammatory and over-the-counter pain medications, braces, hot and cold therapy, exercise or other more alternative therapies, striving to find maximum relief can be both time and energy consuming.

In general, Arthritis is defined as an acute disease caused by inflammation and swelling around the joints of the body, resulting in constant discomfort and localized pain. Daily activity can cause arthritis to be prolonged and worsened, and combined with muscle and tendon strains can result in a very painful condition with limited treatment options.

Although some turn to surgery for relief of arthritis pain, invasive procedures to help reduce the inflammation at the joints can be risky and unfortunately not as effective as many would like.

For some, surgery may be the most feasible option for helping to treat arthritis, but many of the 60 arthritis sufferers worldwide have begun to explore modern alternative treatment options to reduce pain levels.

Whole body Cryotherapy, which found it’s beginnings in Japan when it was utilized by Dr. T. Yamauchi to treat pain, inflammation and joint immobility from Rheumatoid Arthritis, is an alternative treatment method that many arthritis sufferers are now turning to for pain relief. The treatment process involves bringing the body’s surface temperature to below sub-zero temperatures in order to activate the body natural autonomic response to dangerous environments which results in the body releasing natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving chemicals throughout the body.

In a study conducted by Metzger D1, Zwingmann C, Protz W, Jäckel WH in April of 2000, the crew tested the effects of cryotherapy on patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The group found that after application of cryotherapy to individuals with moderate to severe RA, subjects reported a significant decrease in pain with one to three sessions.

Results also included reduction in inflammation and swelling around joint regions, improved immune system levels, increase in energy and improved moods.

Because a single session of Whole Body Cryotherapy only lasts 2 to 5 minutes, many people have found the alternative treatment method easy to fit into an arthritis treatment regimens — many have reported significant reduction in pain when coupling with mobilization therapy as well as heat therapy.

Although surgery may seem like one of the only remaining options in relieving severe pain from cryotherapy, exploring and combining alternative pain treatment treatments such as Whole Body Cryotherapy may be more practical and can have lasting effects on pain relief and quality of life.

Cure Jet Lag in Just 3 Minutes with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Jet Laq cryotherapy columbus ohio ohiocryo

There’s nothing worse than battling the lack of energy, stress, anxiety and blanket of detrimental symptoms that accompany a long, strenuous day of flying. Whether you’re flying for work, for pleasure, are a regular flyer or just taking a yearly trip, you’ve probably experienced Jet Lag to some degree. To say that jet lag is debilitating enough to disrupt your day would be an understatement.

In medical terms, “desynchronosis” is exactly what it sounds like — a temporary disorder of ‘de-syncronization’ incurred as a result of air travel across time zones that disrupts the circadian rhythm (or internal clock) that the body uses to regulate and maintain its vital processes. Almost all vital processes of the body are regulated by a circadian internal clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN. Located in the hypothalamus, the SCN contains thousands of nerve cells that are activated by light and send signals throughout the body that directly influence sleep-wake cycles, release of hormones, body temperature and other important processes.

When an individual crosses different time zones, the body’s internal clock becomes disrupted, which leads to disorientation and a number of other debilitating symptoms including lack of energy, mental fogginess, confusion, depression, etc. In fact, excessive disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm have been linked to obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

So how can you treat jet lag to ensure you don’t suffer from these symptoms? Whole Body Cryotherapy is your answer! During a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment, internal resetting of the body’s immune and regulating processes occurs as a result of enrichment and detoxification of blood that occurs at the body’s vital organs. And how long does a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment take, you ask? Only 3 minutes — that’s right… 3 minutes! Spending 3 minutes in the ultra-cool environment inside a cryosauna will help to reset your body’s internal clock and boost your physical energy as well as your mental focus.

So next time you step out of the airport terminal, grab your luggage from baggage claim, and start to feel the detrimental effects of Jet Lag, head to your local cryotherapy treatment center to freeze the bad symptoms away.

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