Cure Jet Lag in Just 3 Minutes with Whole Body Cryotherapy

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There’s nothing worse than battling the lack of energy, stress, anxiety and blanket of detrimental symptoms that accompany a long, strenuous day of flying. Whether you’re flying for work, for pleasure, are a regular flyer or just taking a yearly trip, you’ve probably experienced Jet Lag to some degree. To say that jet lag is debilitating enough to disrupt your day would be an understatement.

In medical terms, “desynchronosis” is exactly what it sounds like — a temporary disorder of ‘de-syncronization’ incurred as a result of air travel across time zones that disrupts the circadian rhythm (or internal clock) that the body uses to regulate and maintain its vital processes. Almost all vital processes of the body are regulated by a circadian internal clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or SCN. Located in the hypothalamus, the SCN contains thousands of nerve cells that are activated by light and send signals throughout the body that directly influence sleep-wake cycles, release of hormones, body temperature and other important processes.

When an individual crosses different time zones, the body’s internal clock becomes disrupted, which leads to disorientation and a number of other debilitating symptoms including lack of energy, mental fogginess, confusion, depression, etc. In fact, excessive disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm have been linked to obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

So how can you treat jet lag to ensure you don’t suffer from these symptoms? Whole Body Cryotherapy is your answer! During a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment, internal resetting of the body’s immune and regulating processes occurs as a result of enrichment and detoxification of blood that occurs at the body’s vital organs. And how long does a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment take, you ask? Only 3 minutes — that’s right… 3 minutes! Spending 3 minutes in the ultra-cool environment inside a cryosauna will help to reset your body’s internal clock and boost your physical energy as well as your mental focus.

So next time you step out of the airport terminal, grab your luggage from baggage claim, and start to feel the detrimental effects of Jet Lag, head to your local cryotherapy treatment center to freeze the bad symptoms away.

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