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Welcome! We are so glad you’re here and are excited to embark upon your first cryotherapy experience with you. Check out our Guide to Your First Freeze that outlines what to expect at your first appointment & important safety information as well!

Ohio Cryo is the Premier Cryotherapy Spa in Columbus, Ohio. Our revolutionary ‘Black Octagon’ cryosauna provides the coldest, most beneficial Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments available on the market.

The process that the human body undergoes during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session is absolutely remarkable. When exposed to sub-freezing temperatures inside of the cryosauna for a period of 3 minutes, the body reacts by increasing blood circulation and production of beneficial nutrients, and even releasing pain alleviating & anti-inflammatory agents into the bloodstream. Cryotherapy uses cold temperatures to essentially ‘biohack’ the human body, accessing various benefits.


Inflammation is the sole cause for nearly every disease or illness the human body experiences. Where there is pain in the body, there is inflammation. Inflammation can stem from a number of sources including injury, surgery or even self-induced inflammation through exercise and strenuous activity. Unfortunately, medications designed to reduce inflammation wreak havoc on other systems in our body causing irreversible damage.

Whole Body Cryotherapy aims to change the way we recover from inflammation & pain. Instead of introducing the body to harmful substances found in many anti-inflammatory drugs, Cryotherapy ‘biohacks’ the body’s nervous system using acute exposure to freezing temperatures to trigger the release of anti-inflammatory agents. The results speak for themselves. Cryotherapy has been utilized since the 1980’s to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, muscle inflammation & chronic pain. We invite you to experience the plethora of benefits that cryotherapy can offer and explore a more holistic, healthy approach to living a better life.


Origin: from the Greek cryo (κρύο) meaning cold, and therapy (θεραπεία) meaning cure.

1. The use of low temperatures to relieve pain and inflammation
2. An alternative to cold water immersion that involves exposing individuals to extremely cold dry air (below -100°C) for several minutes


Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PhD explains the benefits of Cryotherapy and how the body’s reaction to cold can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain & more


“I’ve had two major surgeries in the last 3+ months. Incorporating 4-5 treatments per week have left my doctors speechless as my recovery has been incredible.”

Steve LOhio Cryo Club Member

“Wow…inflammation went way down in hip and shoulder injury from one session, I felt the pain relief for days. This is the perfect addition to my physical therapy program to speed the healing for these injuries, and help me to cover faster from muscle tension/exhaustion to build more muscle while in recovery. Can’t wait for the next session!”

Tonya J

“From a physically demanding job and doing Crossfit at age 56, I need something that can help me recover better so that I can do it all again!”

Jared TOhio Cryo Club Member

“Yes, it’s cold, but the 3 minutes pass quickly leaving you refreshed and energized. And the best news is that I got some great relief from my chronic inflammation.”

Emily F


Live Free of Pain & Inflammation. Try Cryotherapy Today.

There have been some studies that show that some markers of anti-inflammatory parts of our body are increased and the pro-inflammatory markers are decreased with cryotherapy

Dr. Kelton Vasileff, OSU Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon



Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the application of Nitrogen gas at sub zero temperatures to the outer surfaces of the body for a duration of 3 minutes


Whole Body Cryotherapy allows your body to access invaluable naturally-occurring biochemicals that are active in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increasing metabolism, deoxidizing & ridding the body of detrimental toxins.


Although you will witness benefits after just 1 session of cryotherapy, to see maximum benefits it is recommended to maintain a regimen of 2-3 treatments per week.


The hazards that accompany cryotherapy are very minimal — protective gloves, socks and slippers are worn (along with undergarments) to protect against frostbite. During a session, a clients head is completely exposed to allow for constant communication with the technician; a session can be terminated anytime by simply opening the door.

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