OhioCryo-Impact-Cryotherapy-UnitOhio Cryo is the Premier Cryotherapy Spa in Columbus, Ohio. Our State-of-the-Art Cryosauna, (AKA ‘The Black Octagon’) provides the coldest, most beneficial Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments available on the market.

The process that the human body undergoes during a Whole Body Cryotherapy session is absolutely remarkable. When exposed to sub-freezing temperatures inside of the cryosauna for a period of 3 minutes, the body reacts in numerous beneficial ways, increasing blood circulation and production of beneficial nutrients, and even releasing pain alleviating & anti-inflammatory agents into the bloodstream. Cryotherapy uses cold temperatures to essentially ‘biohack’ the human body, accessing various benefits.



Whole Body Cryotherapy involves the application of Nitrogen gas at sub zero temperatures to the outer surfaces of the body for a duration of 3 minutes


Whole Body Cryotherapy allows your body to access invaluable naturally-occurring biochemicals that are active in relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increasing metabolism, deoxidizing & ridding the body of detrimental toxins.


Although you will witness benefits after just 1 session of cryotherapy, to see maximum benefits it is recommended to maintain a regimen of 2-3 treatments per week.


The hazards that accompany cryotherapy are very minimal — protective gloves, socks and slippers are worn (along with undergarments) to protect against frostbite. During a session, a clients head is completely exposed to allow for constant communication with the technician; a session can be terminated anytime by simply opening the door.


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  • Arhritis Sufferers

    Among all other benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy, the most beneficial may be the pain alleviating effects for those suffering from arthritis. Several studies have proven that inflammation and pain at elbows, back, hips and knees can be greatly reduced by a regular cryotherapy regimen.

  • Injury/Surgery Recoverers

    The path to recovery from injury or surgery can be long, painful and strenuous. Whole Body Cryotherapy can help you get back to 100% by helping to reduce inflammation and swelling around the affected area

  • Daily Aches & Pains

    Does your job have you on your feet all day long? Many of us suffer from the daily aches and pains that accompany being on your feet throughout the day. Although this inflammation and pain can wear on the body over time, cryotherapy can help reverse the inflammatory effects, leaving you feeling refreshed and pain free

  • Runners & Marathoners

    Long distance running can cause excessive amounts of stress on the joints of the body. Distance runners, marathoners and 5k’ers alike can find relief from the exercise induced soreness and pain that can accompany distance running with Whole Body Cryotherapy

  • Power Parents

    The amount of bodily stress resulting from parenting can be extremely daunting. Sleepless nights can cause energy to reach all-time lows and the effects that accompany the constant picking-up & putting-down of your little one can be painful. Cryotherapy can help to relieve these ‘parent pains’ and replenish your energy back to 100%

  • Heavy Lifters

    From Crossfit to Power Lifting, there is no doubt that weight lifters across the board witness muscle soreness (especially after a big leg day). Cryotherapy can help you recover on your off day and get you back to crushing your previous PR

  • Healthy Skin Seekers

    Not only will cryotherapy have you feeling pain free and refreshed, but it will have you looking great as well! As a response to the cold temperatures, the body increases its production of collagen — resulting in healthier skin, hair and nails


Relieve pain & reduce inflammation associated with:

Chronic Arthritis

Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness

Autoimmune Diseases


Psoriasis & Dermatitis

Tendonitis (Knees, Ankles, etc)

Injury / Surgery


Ensure you’re getting the coldest, most beneficial cryotherapy treatment possible at -315°F with the Ohio Cryo ‘Black Octagon’ Cryosauna, the only cryosauna made in the USA


With the recent explosion of media coverage surrounding cryotherapy stemming from its popularity among elite athletes & celebrities, there have been many lofty claims and criticisms  behind the safety & effectiveness of the practice. But what is the truth behind cryotherapy and how much is it really meeting these claims? 


The daily aches, pains & inflammation can slow anyone down, especially the ultimate figure of success, Tony Robbins. By using a regular regimen of cryotherapy, Tony resets his nervous system and rejuvenates his entire body.


Coldest & Most Consistent

The Ohio Cryo ‘Black Octagon’ cryosauna from IMPACT cryotherapy provides the coldest & most consistent cryotherapy treatments available on the market. Enjoy knowing your receiving the coldest, most beneficial treatments in Columbus at -315°F

Quick & Convenient

With 3 locations in Columbus & several more to come, enjoy the convenience of stopping into any of our locations — in Upper Arlington, Gahanna, Dublin & more. Our packages & Ohio Cryo Club Membership can be redeemed at any location at any time

Made in the USA

We are proud that our ‘Black Octagon’ cryosauna is produced & manufactured in the USA. Our cryosauna is UL certified with stateside support and our technicians are IMPACT trained & certified to ensure the safest, most effective treatments possible


Decrease Muscle & Joint Pain and Inflammation


Promote your body’s natural healing mechanisms


Increase blood oxygen & norepinephrine to boost circulation